ŠKODA – Impress The Director

How to integrate the digital part of your campaign with the traditional part when the traditional isn’t even approved yet.


Our task was to build up some excitement for the upcoming Rapid Spaceback car launch as well as its TVC campaign. The catch: we didn’t quite know what the commercial will be exactly. But we knew there’ll be some slow-motion scenes.

The solution we came up with included a wacky weirdo film director and his search for an actor to star in the new ŠKODA commercial (and win one of the first Spacebacks on the market, too).

Along a Facebook app we created for the promotion we also recorded a number of short clips with the wacky director giving you tasks (to perform something weird in pretense slow motion, of course) as well as his responses to your performance (a selection is in the embedded video above).

Finally, thousands of submissions later, we got a lucky winner and also an approved TVC script finally.

creative director: Radovan Andrej Grezo
copywriter: Radovan Andrej Grezo, Jan Jelinek
art director: Mathieu Zylberait
year: 2013