ZUNO – Longterm Creative Concept

The first ever Slovakian EURO EFFIE winner.
ZUNO bank was my top responsibility for over two years taking it from its initial brand launch in Slovakia through the subsequent product portfolio expansion as well as launch in Czech republic.

creative director: Radovan Andrej Grezo, Manuel Campagnoli
copywriter: Radovan Andrej Grezo, Petra Stevonkova
art director: Martin Leitner, Manuel Campagnoli
year: 2010-12

SKODA AUTO – Interactive Film

A new feeling of space as brought by the new, stylish SKODA Rapid Spaceback – not an easy brief, especially on a super-tight deadline. But the magic did happen. Time froze. Rules changed. And the Spaceback effects were born.
Play around with it yourself at SpaceIsAFeeling.com
Or see more at FWA

creative director: Radovan Andrej Grezo, Alexander Gutt, Andrea Brinkmeier
copywriter: Jan Jelinek
UX: Jan Jelinek, Mathieu Zylberait, Phillip Sternkopf, Vratislav Kopp
art director: Mathieu Zylberait

year: 2013