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Total Video Player 1

Sometimes your video player can not play all the files you want. Just for all programs – such as VLC Player – can help in such circumstances and Total Video Player is a welcome addition to this family.

Forget all the problems really farmatavanniaGeta Player, Akuna is little you can throw at it, audio or video, you will be able to cope. For some reason, however, the developers did not include the ability to view subtitles or voice change darozhku.Mozhna select only adingukavaiatrack, a little boring. Indeed, zvukgeneralno limited, except kwakiasi easily control several options viravnovvannia.Ne sluhatsTotal video player reads all major video and audio formats, including 3GP, MP4, FLV and DVD. The interface is very simple menu featuring file, scroll bar, library files, and integrates directly from dobraTotal prečicekojifaila.Amal all playback Video Player can play anything. If he can handle subtitles and avdielepsh, will be better productsmore.

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